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Galaxy Design Medical Mattress � White Color � Double Size (L x W x H) 160 x 200 x 08 cm

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Galaxy Design

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Galaxy Design Medical Mattress



Galaxy Design introducing High Quality Medical Mattress. If you are looking for a firm mattress not too hard on your body, Medical mattress is the choice for you. This mattress will keep you comfortable through the night, with great spine alignment. Good Nights, Great Mornings! High quality jacquard fabric, Thermos bonded silicon zed fibber, hypoallergenic, provides extra support for your back, good spinal alignment, Well designed to provide you the comfort and relief you deserve, Provides extra support for your back to solve your back pain, Good Spinal Alignment for a Good Sleep, Made from premium quality materials to enhance your experience.

Galaxy Design Medical Mattress Cool & Breathable





Superior Pressure Relife

Our single-origin natural latex provides better distribution of body weight, reducing pressure points and providing forgiving support to your shoulders, hips, back and knees. Foam is medical High density & Quality, soft, and comfortable. Perfectly fit body curves and could be rolled up while not in use. Delivers greater comfort relieving pressure on nerves and muscles. Nuzzles skin fabric, soft & comfortable. Soft fabric provides comfortable sleeping environment. Hygienic and durable protection for long time against dust mites, fungi, and corresponding allergens

Excellent Support

For those who dream of medium firm, relax sleep, this Ultra flex Medical mattress is for them. Ultra flex Medical Mattress combines the orthopedic feature with its splendid design. For enhanced comfort level, this mattress features knitted quilted fabric delivering a soft luxurious sleep surface. Design to deliver optimum support reduced pressure and back pain High Density Foam for Tailored Support Pressure Point Relief Extra Firm Support, The Ultra flex Orthopaedic is an extra firm orthopedic medicated mattress to ensure maximum support for those who need spinal support the most.

Perfect Choice

This mattress protector is a perfect choice if you’re considering a comfortable, soft, breathable and premium high quality matters. Instead of feeling the flat, solid mattress beneath you, sink into this high quality Mattress which around your body, and drift off to sleep

Spine Support

This mattress is a boost of positive energy as it provides steady support while adapting to your body�s shape and sleeping patterns. It�s a soft feel mattress, Perimeter insert in three dimensional fabrics which facilitates recirculation of air avoiding stagnations. Boasting the durable and resilient Foam mattress, the Medical Mattress is perfect for those seeking pain relief and support for their neck and spine.


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